25 Years Ago

Tor Books: Pastwatch

This was kind of a big deal when I was issued the project. Orson Scott Card is one of the bigger names in science fiction. Getting this meant I was one of the preferred designers doing covers for Tor at that time. 

However, I was really pushing for something more interesting — but a big seller also means that marketing is more involved. Originally, the more involved concept (shown above) was what I really wanted to do. Here instead of just an old-world map projected over stars, we tell a bit of the story with a compass and various dates going back to the age of Columbus. Around 1492 it is stamped with “error” and the etching of Columbus blurs left as if it suddenly came to life. 

Note: This is rough which is why the resolution is not 100%. Much more interesting I think still. At least we got to keep the type layout. ;) Still for sale with same cover on Amazon.

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