General FAQ

USPS International Shipping Error

Due to a US Post Office software error, a quarter of our international shipments sent between Feb 1 to March 1 using the First Class Large Envelope rate came back to us with no explanation. If your package was shipped and your tracking seems to end in a place called Beacon, NY, your package is among the ones returned. This snafu has, unfortunately, added an eight week delay to your delivery. We are working with USPS to resolve the issue and expect to get these packages back on track by the end of March 2017.  

We are truly sorry for this situation. It has been a major headache for both our shop, PRX and many of their loyal and patient supporters. We thank you for your understanding.

T-shirt Information

What is style American App.?
This is our premium option. American Apparel has a higher thread count and feels softer to the touch. These are fitted tees and are generally favored by men sizes SML to LRG. The knit is tighter and therefore also allows for higher design details when used in combination with discharge screen printing (see below). For more information on these styles visit the American Apparel site. Men see style 2001 and for women see style 2102.

What is your Standard style?
We treat standard stock like a commodity. Depending on the cost we will purchase from the brands Anvil, Gildan, Hanes and sometimes Tultex. To maintain the quality we stick to styles with a thread weight between 5 and 6 ounces, and are made from 100% cotton. Standard stock is still good quality but feels thicker to touch and is not a fitted cut which is sometimes preferred by men in sizes XL and up.

What does it mean if it is marked “pre-order”?
This usually means that the item has already been re-ordered and is expected in days, or we are planning to reprint within 3-4 weeks. Obviously that means your item can be seriously delayed by days or even weeks. If time is an issue, contact us and we can give you an expected arrival date for your item. Please note that if your item is a gift, we do make custom printables you can present in your item’s absence. 

What kind of printing do you use for your tees?
Each tee is a hand produced screen print using a method called discharge as opposed to the more traditional plastisol method. Discharge provides much higher detail as the ink is embedded into the garment itself instead of just sitting on the surface. This also helps to reduce fading and eliminates cracking over time. See this video for more information on discharge screen printing. Note: Some designs may still call for the more traditional plastisol printing depending on chemicals present in some tees and discharge falls short on some vibrant colors. 



What is a Digital Print as opposed to a Screen Print or Letter Press?
Digital is a made-to-order print method (sometimes called gliceé) that uses a high-quality Epson digital printer. These prints are produced with archival inks on archival papers and have an expected display life of about 60-100 years. Screen & Letterpress prints are methods where each color present in the design is hand-printed individually by a professional (see below).

What is Screen Printing vs. Letter Press?
Both of these methods are considered to be fine art print methods and have a very long history. To understand much more, see the website Chop Shop Studio (then Chopping Block) designed for MoMA in 2004 called What Is A Print?.



When do you ship regular orders?
We usually ship once a week. If volume is high (like Nov/Dec) we may ship several times a week.

Will my order be tracked?
Most will. When we ship your item we will send you an email with your tracking details as long as you provide a current email address. For International packages that are not shipped in tubes (posters) the tracking will stop responding after it leaves the USA.

Which shipping method should I use?
If you are purchasing a t-shirt, you can use the free shipping method provided. If you are buying a poster or if your order includes a poster, you must use a pay method as posters require shipping with a tube which are generally much heavier and cannot be shipped flat rate. 

Do I pay more if my shipping address is international?
Yes, but we have adjusted international shipping to match the amount of free shipping we are offering US backers. Be aware that international shipping rates increased for 2016, so the discount may appear somewhat less obvious to those familiar with previous years' rates.

Will I have to pay customs fees for international deliveries?
Guidelines for import taxes differ from country to country along with VAT circumstances that vary widely. We ship thousands of packages internationally and accurately fill out the declaration form, which sometimes can result in a standard application of a customs fee. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.