We have worked with some big names in crowd-funding over the past 10 years. Two of our partners 99% Invisible / Radiotopia and The Planetary Society had some record-breaking campaigns and Chop Shop provided the designs for the central rewards in their campaigns as well as the production and fulfillment of rewards.

Going beyond Kickstarter, these relationships have continued in that several clients now sell their wares at our We are always willing to also work out a simple work-for-hire agreement, but If you are the right fit — maybe you can be our next partner. 

See some of our online partner stores for Planetary Society, SETI, Yuri’s Night, and more for examples.

If you want to see our previously funded campaigns… see Altered States of America and our Historic Robotic Spacecraft Series I & Series II.

You can always reach out to us at with any questions. Please be patient for a response. We are not Amazon ;)