Horror Homepage

Horror Homepage

A unique "identity crisis" home page was posted to choppingblock.com a week before Halloween 1997. Despite not being fans of horror movies or the graphics usually associated with them, we were able to use what some might consider to be a "bad" graphic vernacular in an appealing way. 

Chopping Block’s “Horror” Identity

We recycled the HTML files from the previously posted NASCAR site to speed up the production process. There are similarities between the two sites, including the same portfolio, bios, etc. We simply replaced some of the framing images, a process called "skinning" which was already established in website development.

Thomas Romer’s “fake” movie poster

That’s me as Frankenstein’s Monster. The “crew” page shown above is still one of my best fakes executed in Photoshop. It is still live. Be sure to appreciate the animated roll-overs!