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The Official Planetary Society Shop

  • By Thomas Romer

The Official Planetary Society Shop

We are excited to announce the addition of The Planetary Society to our online family of storefronts!

Our relationship started in 2014, when the Society noticed our Historic Robotic Spacecraft series of prints funding on Kickstarter and began giving us some very helpful social media attention. In appreciation, we donated a Light Sail poster design (and 300 screen printed posters) which were used a few months later in their own record-breaking Kickstarter campaign. We worked on a few other things since then, including the official LightSail mission patch for example, and began planning for an official online store.

On June 13, the shop finally launched with various products for their overall brand, LightSail and Planetary Radio. More is planned for 2017 including products celebrating the coming Total Solar Eclipse in the US, Cassini’s final farewell and some products supporting the Society’s Space Advocacy Program. 

Keep your eyes to the skies and on these pages for more!

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