The No! Interactive is Back

The No! Interactive is Back

An amazing person rebuilt the No! interactive we did for They Might Be Giants almost 20 years ago. See it here:

On top of being lost to time, Apple discontinued System 9 months after we released it on CD. Rendering the interactive portion unlaunchable for Mac users almost from the very start.

It is about 95% a perfect rebuild of the original. Not at all to focus on the bad bits, but there are a few issues for those who may recall the original build.

  • In “Where Do They Make Balloons” lacks the randomly floating balloons that you can chase and pop.
  • “In the Middle” is almost completely broken in that the kid doesn’t move and the lights don’t change.
  • The fireworks that shoot out of the robot arms on Robot Parade when you release the arm control buttons. 

But BRAVO to John Uleis for taking the time to bring back something I thought I may never see again.