The Next New Frontiers Mission is…

The next New Frontiers class mission has been selected and it is called “Dragonfly”! The first mission to return to Titan (moon of Saturn) since the Cassini/Huygens probe landed on its surface in 2005.

Dragonfly is a dual-quadcopter and will fly for much larger distances than we are used to seeing with traditional rovers. As for the destination, Titan will provide some amazing aerial views and scientific discoveries with its methane/ethane rain, rivers, lakes and oceans. It should be quite an alien encounter on a world likes of which humanity has never seen before especially in such a dramatic fashion. 

The mission launch is planned for 2026 with arrival at Titan in 2034.

There are not any Dragonfly mission posters… yet, but there are Saturn related items in our catalog. Especially our Saturn Tee which features a small Titan perched below the quote, “Something incredible is waiting to be known”.