Project Blue Wants to Find Another Earth — Or Two

Project Blue Wants to Find Another Earth — Or Two

Project Blue

Many exo-planets have been discovered since the first one in 1992, with every one of them “detected” through various ingenious methods. While this does establish them as science fact, it does deny us something we as human’s crave... Visual evidence.

For those unaware… Centauri happens to be our closest cosmic neighbor. Luckily for us it is made up of three stars and we therefore assume; three whole exo-planetary systems. What Project Blue wants to find there is another Earth.

Pale Blue Dot taken by Voyager

Imagine the drama of seeing another potentially habitable planet the same way Voyager saw the Earth from beyond the orbit of Neptune — using plain old visible light. Project Blue wants to build an orbiting observatory dedicated to finding an Earth twin in the Centauri System and image it. Apart from the satisfaction of capturing a visible light image of such a place, the image could also potentially tell us a whole lot about what might exist there — like oxygen or oceans.

However, even when just peering in from a great distance — space exploration has a hefty price tag. Despite the fact that the Project Blue team has cut costs on this mission to a fraction of what similar missions have cost in the past — they still need our support.

Project Blue Tees from Chop Shop

So please consider joining the campaign to kickstart Project Blue. Your donation will lay the groundwork for the mission and you will also get to enjoy some of the rewards which coincidentally were also designed by Chop Shop Studio. Then in about a week, Chop Shop plans on revealing a limited edition Project Blue screened poster specially designed in support of the campaign.