PlanetFest ’21 Inspired by 1998

PlanetFest ’21 Inspired by 1998

Our newest design for PlanetFest ’21 is based on a site we built for my previous company The Chopping Block. As a design studio we adopted the vernacular of themes that inspired us graphically. Such themes included Nascar, horror movie posters, boy scout handbooks, and most obviously NASA.

The influence is obvious when compared.

PlanetFest ’21

The thing I never loved about web design was how fleeting it was. Once a site was pulled down there was little chance anyone would ever see it again. Unless you took a trip in the Wayback Machine.

So it was nice to bring this back to life again. For me— it is a fun little link back to another life. When the internet was fun and so full of promise.

So much for that