Our Poster Storage Ikeahack

Our Poster Storage Ikeahack

We had been storing all of our large screen prints in the same boxes they were shipped in for about five years. They were protected very well, but space we were in required we stack them one on top of another. When we needed a design that was on the bottom it was impossible to fish just one out so we had to unstack them to pull one out safely. 

We started shopping around for a solution, but most retail print storage is made for production needs. They have many shelves, but are designed for just a few prints at a time. Not fifty or one hundred fifty. Then we saw Linnmon at Ikea and it was the perfect size, a few inches larger than our biggest prints in both length and width. Now we only needed to figure out how to stack them with just a few inches between each one. 

Lots of people use pipe fittings to do custom furniture. We knew we would need short .5" pipe stock and the cuffs that would fit those. We always like to first check with our local hardware stores, but few had all black stock and even fewer had .5" flange cuffs smaller than 3" at full width. As usual, Amazon did and we purchased these pre-threaded connector 10 packs and this 2.5" wide pipe flange 20 packs

Attaching the flanges to the bottom of Linnmon is fairly straightforward. Pre-drill the tops and using short wood screws, drill them in with the drill set to very low torque. Then thread the pipe and flange for the next top. 

The only tricky part is screwing in the next top with the previous one already attached. Again, pre-drilling the screw holes will make this work go quicker. A flexible drill attachment would be best to do this job in order to set the screws in straight, but a longe extender as shown here will do despite needing to screw them in at a slight angle. You cannot screw in the back third hole, but that is not a problem as this is only be for low-impact storage needs and will not used as a work or lunch desk. 

In the end, we stacked it five deep, and it looks like this from below. The table tops are actually made of particle board, but the guts are corrugated cardboard! Which explains why it very lightweight and why the tops are only $9 each.

Here is what it looks like in use. The best part is that the full-price is only around $180 and took maybe 3 hours to complete!