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Oranges and Graphic Design by They Might Be Giants

Oranges and Graphic Design by They Might Be Giants

Chopping Block’s Orange Site from 2000

This track was not actually the first track written for The Chopping Block as a part of the deal to develop (no longer our design) but it was the first to be used online. We wanted the song for our portfolio site and we explained to John Flansburgh that our next site’s theme was to be robots. There was no timeline suggested by TMBG, so we assumed it would take a long time to get a song made and it would likely time-out better with the release of our robots site which was planned to go live a few months from that point. In just a few days they sent us “Robot Design” and Flansburgh wanted to know when we would make it live. 

Surprised by the lightning fast turn-around… we then explained that our current site was themed as if it were a site for a citrus production company (live & archived) and that it would be like that for some time. The Giants not only turned around an orange farmer themed song in just a few more days… but also delivered a second version and an instrumental version of each.

The song “Oranges and Graphic Design” by They Might Be Giants is now available on Songs for Chop and is available only from

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