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42 States and 100 Buttons

42 States and 100 Buttons

We just posted for sale 100 button designs from our Altered States of America project. Fourty-two states with references from the most legendary scenes from sciFi and fantasy to never have taken place in the USA.

Below is the list of states and references in each. 

AL: Oh! Brother,AR: Boggy Creek
AZ: Watchmen
CA: Jurassic Park
CA: Rise of the Planet of the Apes
CA: Bigfoot
CA: The Birds
CA: Blade Runner
CA: Body Snatchers
CA: Back to the Future
CA: E.T.
CA: Large Marge
CA: The Terminator
CO: Community
CO: Hunger Games
CO: Mork & Mindy
CO: The Shining
CO: Stargate
CT: Beetlejuice
DC: Day the Earth Stood Still
FL: Coccoon
FL: Contact
FL: Day of the Dead
FL: Edward Scissorhands
GA: The Walking Dead
IA: Star Trek Enterprise
IA: Field of Dreams
ID: Kneel Before Zod
IL: HAL 9000
IL: Lincoln Vampire Hunter
IN: Eerie
KS: Looper
KS: Wizard of Oz
KS: Superman the Movie
KY: Goldfinger
KY: Return of the Living Dead
LA: Green Mile
LA: Interview with the Vampire
LA: Swamp Thing
LA: True Blood
MA: Jaws
MD: Blair Witch Project
MD: Silence of the Lambs
ME: Carrie
ME: Iron Giant
ME: The Mist
MI: Lost Dharma Initiative
MI: Robo Cop
MO: Defiance
MS: X-Men/Rogue
MT: Star Trek First Contact
MT: Velociraptor
NC: Descent
NC: Maximum Overdrive
ND: Leprechaun
NE: Children of the Corn
NE: The Stand
NH: Jumanji
NJ: Planet of the Apes
NJ: War of the Worlds
NM: Andromeda Strain
NM: Hellboy
NM: Quantum Leap
NV: Transformers
NV: Raiders of the Lost Ark
NV: Tremors
NY: Gremlins
NY: King Kong
NY: X-Men
OH: Nightmare on Elm Street
OH: Twilight Zone - The Good Life
OH: Twilight Zone - Nick of Time
OH: Super 8
OK: Near Dark
OR: Coraline
OR: Eureka
OR: Phantasm
OR: Goonies
PA: Twelve Monkies
PA: The Blob
PA: The Sixth Sense
RI: Lovecraft - Cthulhu
SC: Slither
SD: Warehouse 13
TN: Evil Dead
TX: Dusk Till Dawn
TX: Planet Terror
TX: Cigarette Smoking Man
TX: Zombieland
USA: Twilight Zone - Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
UT: Young Indiana Jones
UT: Dr. Who - The Impossible Astronaut
VA: Donnie Darko
VA: Minority Report
VA: Escape to Witch Mountain
VT: Lovecraft - Whisperer in Darkness
WA: The Ring
WA: Twilight
WA: Twin Peaks
WI: Starman
WI: Something Wicked This Way Comes
WV: The Mothman Prophecies
WY: Close Encounters

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