They Might Be Giants Original Roasting Fire Site

They Might Be Giants Original Roasting Fire Site (Nov 1996)


This was a big deal for The Chopping Block in 1996. Our former Cooper professor Brabara Glauber asked if we would help her create a truly bizarre spectacle online for the band They Might Be Giants. Starting a relationship that would ultimately see us creating the 2.0 version of their website, having original TMBG songs written for us, a private concert, and getting us work from clients that wanted to really push what the web could be.

While Barbara admittedly really designed the front page (genius!), we got to do everything else. Our favorite was the Quantity section which used a meatmap to divide the pages up. As I recall we also conceptualized some of the weird pages here with the band. Like the Giants Positioning System which was a fake locator that would put the band in far flung places for absolutely no reason.

There was literally nothing like this on the web at that time. Seems tame now, but people really thought it was bonkers. See on the Wayback Machine as it was in 1997.


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