Planetary Blocks for Planetary Society (pre-order page)

By The Planetary Society

$ 60.00 $ 65.00

There ARE more than just eight PLANETS!

We love Pluto, too, but why do we put all the focus on these particular eight bodies simply because they orbit the Sun? With all due respect to Copernicus, we would like to propose a whole new way of looking at our local celestial neighborhood… Get it now and save $10 off the expected retail price.

Created in partnership with The Planetary Society, the set includes 20 Solar System toy blocks featuring 8 planets, 8 moons, 3 dwarf planets and just one star. The package also includes a special supplemental fold-out poster that will provide a wealth of additional information about the fascinating worlds in our celestial neighborhood. 

We expect to begin shipping around December 27, which obviously means they will not arrive before the holidays. For this reason, we will be producing a printable announcement graphic for presentation proposes. Gift-givers should consider providing your recipient’s address for more direct and quicker delivery.