Nebula Rainbow Necklace in Silver - Curved Bib Pendant

By Yugen Handmade

$ 58.00

Have you ever wanted a rainbow of nebulae hanging about your neck? With our design, you get 9 different nebulae in the ROYGBIV spirit. It includes the following nebulae: Ring, Heart, Omega, Orion, Crab, Spiral Planetary, Jellyfish, Trifid, and Carina. It is one solid piece, the nebulae do not separate. An incredible accessory for any stargazer!

Info: Pendant size: 4" (10cm) | Chain length: 18" (46cm) | Materials: Rhodium plated brass, glass

Care: These are individually handcrafted and the particular piece you receive may vary slightly from what is pictured. These are also not 100% waterproof, so please avoid getting this wet.