Galilean Moons of Jupiter Statement Necklace

By Yugen Handmade

$ 145.00

Note: As of Dec 8 International orders may not arrive in time for the holiday. Please consider our custom printables to announce your gift should it arrive too late.

This gold statement necklace celebrates the majesty of Jupiter and it's 4 largest Galilean moons - Io, Ganymede, Europa, and Callisto. A Jovian celebration of our planetary neighbor!

Bracelet length: 7 3/4" / 20cm

  • Pendant Size: 2” / 5cm
  • Bezel Size: vary in size from 0.25”-0.4” / 6mm-10mm
  • Chain Length: 16” / 41cm
  • Material: 14k gold plated brass and 14k gold filled sterling