(Not Too Shabby) Planetary Blocks

By Special Listings

$ 32.50 $ 65.00

Kickstarter is a learning process!

Created in partnership with The Planetary Society, our Planetary Blocks continue to be one of our best-sellers. However, the process was rocky and even after approving a near perfect prototype, the final sets suffered from flaws that we consider to be unfortunate. We would like to offer these flawed sets here for 50% of the retail price. Just like the regular set it will include all 8 planets, 8 moons, 3 dwarf planets, the Sun, and the special two-sided supplemental fold-out poster

When we say flawed, please understand that most of these flaws are just issues with centering, images running slightly off the edge and wood texture issues. They are probably details that would be lost on a child, but frustrating for a collector. See images in the gallery. On average the sets will contain 4-8 “flawed” blocks with the rest rated as “good”.