Apollo NASA Moon Missions Board Game

By Chop Shop in Space

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You are “go for launch!” Apollo is a cooperative strategy game inspired by the NASA moon missions. The year is 1961, President Kennedy challenged the nation to land astronauts on the moon by the end of the decade. Now it’s up to you to walk in the footsteps of NASA’s pioneers and embark on the missions that made history… FOR ALL MANKIND!

Play as Mission Control or an Astronaut. Both sides must work together and strategize to complete flight stages, overcome obstacles, repair the spacecraft, and keep communications clear. It is the team that determines if the mission is a success or failure.

  • 2-5 Players
  • Ages 12 & Up
  • 30-60 Mins Playtime

  • Box includes 30 cards in two mission packs with real NASA mission facts. Also Includes, 2 Gameboards, 4 Crisis Puzzle Boards, 3 Control Boards, 23 COMM Tokens, 20 +/- Tokens, 12 Crisis Puzzle Pieces, 12 Dice, 5 Astronaut Markers, 1 Experiment Marker, 3 Alert Clips, 2 Mission Pawns with stands, Comms Down Clip, Player Screen, and Player Turn Token.

    Created in partnership with and produced by Buffalo Games