Gift Set: Rock Pop Icons

$ 90.00 $ 120.00

Get the Chop Shop Holiday Rock Pop Icons Gift Set Offer and save $30. The Collection includes:

  • One RockStar t-shirt
  • One choice of another Rock t-shirt (Rebel Rock shown)
  • Choose one 9" vinyl rocker decal from the Pop Icon Database
  • Choose three Pop Icon buttons from the Pop Icon Database
  • One Rock Star Letter Press Holiday Greeting Card
  • One 9"x9" framed icon print from the Pop Icon Database*

Just go to our Pop Icon Database and choose 5 icons and write down their codes. To narrow your results try searching terms like “rock”. Put all four codes in the box labeled “Icon Codes” like this, “RS30, RS12, RS1, RS32, RS17”. The first code will be for the framed Icon Print. The second for the vinyl decal. The remaining three will be your three PINS. Then fill in the color, message and signature text for the single icon framed print.

Be sure to put them in the right order!

*Frame not available for international shipping. Please contact us for replacement options.

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