General Shipping FAQ

When do you ship regular orders?
We normally ship once a week so you can expect your order to ship anywhere from 2-5 business days from placement unless it was a pre-order or crowd-fund. If a special event date is approaching (Christmas, Father’s Day, etc) we will ship 2-3 depending on demand and any commonly held gift-giving deadlines.

Will my US order be tracked?
Most US items do and we will send you an email with your tracking details. However, if you are buying small items like stickers or patches you will be offered a letter rate of $1-$2 for shipping. This rate does not include tracking and will take longer to arrive than usual. 

Will International order be tracked?
International shipments have different rules. When we ship your item we will send you an email with your tracking details. The tracking for many nations will stop reporting after it leaves the USA, but some such as Great Britain, Germany, Canada, etc, will continue in-country upon recieval. For better tracking results try using

Why is shipping international so costly?
International shipping rates have been increasing dramatically since 2016 and in '18, the USPS removed an entire rate class that forced most orders to ship with the package rate which is double what we were able to charge just a few years ago. We are working on a deal with an international shipper and hope to install these rates as an option in 2020.

Will I have to pay customs fees for international deliveries?
Guidelines for import taxes differ from country to country along with VAT circumstances that vary wildly. We ship thousands of packages internationally and our postage system automatically fills out the declaration form, which sometimes can result in a standard application of a customs fee. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you wish to instruct us on how to correctly fill out your order’s customs form, you can always reach out to us at with any questions. Please be patient for a response. We are not Amazon ;)

Will you be set up to collect VAT taxes in the future?
We do not plan to ever collect VAT taxes or even estimate, but we are always looking into solutions for better shipping into the EU. The issue is that most solutions require stock be located somewhere inside the EU and we are just not big enough to do that right now.