Shipping FAQ


When do you ship regular orders?
We usually ship once a week. If volume is high (like Nov/Dec) we may ship several times a week.

Will my order be tracked?
Most will. When we ship your item we will send you an email with your tracking details as long as you provide a current email address. For International packages that are not shipped in tubes the tracking will stop responding after it leaves the USA.

Which shipping method should I use?
If you are purchasing a t-shirt, you can use the free shipping method provided. If you are buying a poster or if your order includes a poster, you must use a pay method as posters require shipping with a tube which are generally much heavier and cannot be shipped flat rate. 

Do I pay more if my shipping address is international?
Yes, but we have adjusted international shipping to match the amount of free shipping we are offering US backers. Be aware that international shipping rates increased for 2017, so the discount may appear somewhat less obvious to those familiar with previous years' rates

Will I have to pay customs fees for international deliveries?
Guidelines for import taxes differ from country to country along with VAT circumstances that vary wildly. We ship thousands of packages internationally and our postage system automatically fills out the declaration form, which sometimes can result in a standard application of a customs fee. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you wish to instruct us on how to correctly fill out your order’s customs form, feel free to email us or leave a remark in the note box when ordering.