Radiotopia FAQ

Fans & Backers of the 2016 Campaign

Q: Did I miss something? I made a donation to support Radiotopia this October (2016). I haven’t received anything at all! What’s up with that? 
A: First of all - THANK YOU! We sent an email to each and every donor who made a contribution on 11/28/2016. Many times these emails don’t make it. Please contact us here subject line: 2016 Reward and we’ll get you your custom reward code for redemption!

Q: When on earth will you be sending me my Radiotopia Rewards?!? 
A: Your Radiotopia Reward may require several weeks to fulfill. We anticipate shipping to begin within the U.S. at the end of 2016, and outside of the US by early 2017.

Q: Can I buy a Mixtape t-shirt, the Radiotopia hoodie, headphones or Challenge Coin without a code??
A: These limited edition items were exclusive rewards for the 2016 Fall campaign & are currently available only with a custom coupon code. Other t-shirts and prints for Radiotopia shows are available at chopshopstore.

Q: Can I provide a separate or updated shipping address?
A: Yes. Please send us a message here with subject line: Address Change

Q: I made a donation but did not receive a receipt, what happened?
A: Sometimes donation receipts are automatically filed in your spam folder, or you make have keyed in the wrong email address. To request yours please submit a request here subject line: Donation Receipt Request.

Q: I made several donation attempts and received an error message, how do I know if my donation went through?
A: You should receive a donation receipt via email confirming your transaction was successful. If not, please submit an inquiry here.

Q: I didn’t get my reward from last year’s campaign!
A: Really? We totally thought we got everyone! All orders for the 2015 campaign were shipped long ago. If you still haven’t received yours, please contact us here subject line: 2015 Reward. Be sure to include the lost reward and your current mailing address. We’ll check our warehouse for a return with your name on it and get it mailing back to you!

Q: I changed my address since making my donation, who should I contact?
A: Please submit a change of address request here subject line: Address Change as soon as possible, and we’ll get that updated.

Q: Are these designs for the radio shows approved?
A: Yes. All items sold on Chop Shop Store representing various podcasts and interest groups are approved by the individual entities. Additionally, when you make a purchase — the proceeds are actually made available to the specific programs. So you are directly helping to support the program!


For Backers of the 2015 Campaign

Q: I still have a question about my reward from the 2015 campaign. Who do I contact?
A: If you have an expired code, send it to us and we can confirm and send you a new one. Other questions? Just email us at