Envoy Charter Membership (Plus Multiple Rewards)

By Icarus Interstellar

$ 26.00

Icarus Interstellar is making available only 250 unique LIFETIME Charter memberships. Current numbers available are 193-249. The "Envoy" membership charter member class will be unique. These 57 Envoys will be given rights and responsibilities for upcoming membership team retreats and strategy meetings. They will prepare the path for the rest of the team, assess conditions, create research opportunities and address social needs.

All Envoys will be invited to a special post-conference telecon to discuss next steps and the path ahead. Pledging this Tier means you're ready to work towards Building A Starship. Roll up your sleeves, ladies and gentlemen!

These Charter Memberships will include a full set of Icarus & Starship Congress Swag: 

  • "Envoy" Charter Membership
  • 2019 Starship Congress Tee
  • Full Set of Icarus Stickers (Set of 3)
  •  Icarus Interstellar Enameled Pins
  • Starship Congress Mug