The Monthly Space Tee Club

By Chop Shop in Space

$ 68.50 $ 84.00

Join Chop Shop’s new Space Tee of the Month club! Every month we will announce a new design and we will ship it to you (or your recipient) as soon as it arrives in our studio*. Choose between a 6-month plan (6 tees for 25% off) or 3-months (3 tees for 20% off).

Order before June 30 and your first tee will be Planet or Planetary. A visual comparison of Titan, Earth’s Moon, Mercury, and Pluto in a line-up coupled with the question, “How do you see it, 1 planet or 4 worlds?”. An attempt to highlight how little the title matters when Titan (a moon with a thick atmosphere and lakes) is bigger than Mercury (which is a planet) and our own moon is bigger than Pluto (which is a dwarf planet). Includes Planetary Blocks art on reverse.

*Due to dramatic shipping rate changes in 2019, International members will now receive their subscription two tees every two-months.