The Monthly Space Tee Club

By Chop Shop in Space

$ 66.50 $ 78.00

Join Chop Shop’s new Space Tee of the Month club! Every month we will announce a new design and we will ship it to you (or your recipient) as soon as it arrives in our studio*. Choose between a 6-month plan (6 tees for 25% off) or 3-months (3 tees for 20% off).

Order before Nov 15 and your first tee will be The Allen Telescope Array for our partners at SETI Institute. The construction of an instrument that would be dedicated to the search for extra-terrestrial signals has always foundered on the large costs. Thanks to the far-sighted benevolence of many donors, including Paul Allen (Co-founder of Microsoft) the first 42 elements of the ATA are now online and are continuously scanning the heavens.

*Due to dramatic shipping rate changes in 2019, International members will now receive their subscription two tees every two-months.