Limited Custom Moon Date Cufflinks & Pin Set

By Yugen Handmade

$ 60.00

Note: As of Dec 8 International orders may not arrive in time for the holiday. Please consider our custom printables to announce your gift should it arrive too late.

This item is very limited due to the Tie Clip. When they are gone, they are gone 

Ever wonder what the Moon looked like on your birthday? Or the birth dates of your children? The day you got married? Or the date of a person you love who passed on? Look no further! This set of cuff links and tie pin allows you to celebrate two dates, perhaps you and your spouse's birthdates, the day of your wedding and the day your first child was born, the birthdays of your children, the options are limitless! 

Please provide the following information: Date (in this format: MM/DD/YYYY), Time Zone, and Approximate Time Of Day (if possible) of the date you wish to celebrate. We will verify your moon phase and begin production. If your date has a "new moon" (ie the first and darkest phase of the moon, which would essentially be a black charm), we will create your piece with a darkened full moon to illustrate that it was in shadow at the time. We include a card with your piece that describes the date information provided and the moon phase.

NOTE: If there is more than one date possible, but only provide one we will use that same date for each piece. If you would like to differentiate them please leave additional dates in the “Other Dates” space provided and also specify if you prefer any date in particular to be used for the tie pin.

Materials : Rhodium plated brass, glass
Bracelet Size : Adjustable, base size 6" / 15cm
Charm Size: 0.4" / 10mm