The Monthly Space Tee Club

By Chop Shop in Space

$ 66.50 $ 78.00

Join Chop Shop’s new Space Tee of the Month club! Every month we will announce a new design and we will ship it to you (or your recipient) as soon as it arrives in our studio*. Choose between 12-months (12 tees for 22% off), 6-months (6 tees for 17% off) or a 3-months plan (3 tees for 13% off).

Order before Sept 31 and your first tee will be Mars Science! The third design in our Spacecraft series now features both the Curiosity and Perseverance rovers (with the Ingenuity helicopter as a bonus). Their search for past and present life on the Martian surface have them acting more as mobile laboratories than mere rovers.This newest generation of robotic Martian surface rovers arrived in 2012 with Curiosity and was followed by Perseverance in 2021.

NOTE: If you are an ongoing member and already have the Curiosity tee from 2019 and do not wish to own both, we can arrange for a swap.