Slimer from Original Ghostbusters Mold

By Museum of Science Fiction

$ 1,700.00

NOTE: Please be aware of the price and that this is a One of a Kind item. See text below. Upon purchase a representative of MOSF will contact you to arrange for shipment (see below). 

Slimer from the film Ghostbusters. Made from the original molds! 

You can tell because he has a butt crack. When NECA made their authorized replicas from this sculpt, Columbia Pictures asked them to smooth over the rear end - to remove the offensive area.

  • Made of resin from Steve Johnson's original molds.
  • 1:1 life size (if a ghost can have a "life" size) Approx. 34" x 36" x 40" not including post and base.
  • Hand painted with glossy eyes and mouth.
  • Figure is mounted on a 1 inch steel pole. The base is weighted and has wheels for easy mobility.
  • Figure on pole stands over 6 ft. Great height for "Slimer Selfies".
  • Figure could be removed from the pole and suspended via the internal bracing.
Buyer must pick up in Raleigh, NC - shipping is not available due to weight and fragility concerns.