My Moon Family Clustered Necklace (Multiple Phases)

By Yugen Handmade

$ 38.00

The whole family is here and you can keep them close to your heart. Choose to have one or two large pendants and a cluster of small pendants, each charm holds the moon phase from the birth date of that person. A perfect gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day, or any special occasion where you just want to let someone know you love them and are happy to be in their orbit.

Note on Ordering: If you would like multiple charms reflecting multiple dates, you MUST order the correct number of charms. For example : If you input 3 dates, you need to also update the number of charms to 2 and 1 (or 1 and 2). Also note that the first two fields are for the large option. if you are only ordering one large charm, skip the second field and enter the smaller charm dates starting on the third field. 

To order, please provide the following information: Date (in this format: MM/DD/YYYY), Time Zone, and Approximate Time Of Day (if possible). If your date has a "new Moon" (ie the first and darkest phase of the Moon), we will create your piece with a darkened full Moon to illustrate that it was in shadow at the time (essentially a black charm). If you would prefer a full moon instead of a custom phase, please just write "FULL" in where the date is requested.

Chain length: 18" (46cm)
Pendant sizes: Large 5/8" (14mm), Small 1/3" (8mm)
Materials: Rhodium plated brass, glass