Radiotopia Challenge Coin for 2016 Backers Only

By Radiotopia

$ 25.00


You’ve made it to right place to redeem your Radiotopia Challenge Coin! Please do not share this page publiclyHere’s exactly what to do:

  1. Add the coin (only 1 please)… and maybe some additional items to your cart ;) then proceed to check-out.
  2. Enter your code in the box that says ‘discount’ and click ‘apply’.
  3. You’ll see your total adjusted by -$25.00.
  4. Entering your shipping address (including apt number) & payment info for shipping.

Anticipated shipping timelines:
USA: Dec 2016
International: Feb 2017

Additional Items: US orders will ship asap with the coin separately as shown above. Unfortunately, international orders cannot be split without added shipping fees.

NOTE: Be advised that this item is exclusive to backers of Radiotopia’s 2016 Campaign drive ONLY. Despite the price shown, this item is not for sale and can only be ordered with a one-time coupon code from Radiotopia from PRX. Any orders placed for this item without a code will be automatically refunded.

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