Radiotopia FAQ

For Radiotopia Fans and Backers

I never got my Radiotopia reward for the 2015 Fall Campaign.
There are some outstanding rewards still unclaimed from the 2015 campaign. Please forward your donation email receipt to with a brief summary of your issue, and we will do everything in our power to expedite your reward.

I received a code but now it’s expired.
If the code we emailed you expired, we’re happy to reissue a new code for you. Send an email to and include your expired code. Then be on the lookout for your new code and instructions to redeem.

I got my order but the coin is missing.
Sorry about that!  It’s possible it was mistakenly left out or fell out of the envelope. Send an email to, and we’ll get it sorted out.

I was sent the wrong size or design tee.
Ouch — we will get this straightened out!  Please send an email to, and let us know the exact problem and what size you need, and we will set up the exchange. You will be looking fly in no time.

If I have a question, who do I contact?
Email us at

What took so long?
The first thing we wish we had made more clear was that we were only using the shop as a tool. Your order was really just a step in a long process and this particular step was data collection. Only once we collected 75% of all codes sent could we then start placing orders for actual tee prints. We always knew the process would take until April, we just should have made that more clear from the start.

I ordered the wrong size and need to swap for another.
USA: If you still have the envelope you can write RETURN TO SENDER and drop it back in a Post Box. Do not take it to the Post Office or they will try and charge you. Make sure you enclose a note stating what you need or we will not be able to link the package with the proper correspondence and will result in long delays. INTERNATIONAL: you need to contact us first

Can I buy a Challenge Coin for a friend?
Unfortunately, these coins are an exclusive limited edition reward and require a commitment of $5/month recurring donation to Radiotopia.

Are these designs for the radio shows approved?
Yes. All items sold on Chop Shop Store representing various podcasts and interest groups are approved by the individual entities. Additionally, when you make a purchase — the proceeds are actually made available to the specific programs. So you are directly helping to support the program!